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To me, Vivid is more than clothes. It’s more than art. It’s a story. It’s a universe. A universe of characters, and places, and narratives, tied together with a shared mythology, style, and vision.

We see this story brought to life through the fashion. We see it brought to life through Acky’s art.

But we wanted to tell more of the stories of the Vivid Universe, and give you all a way to immerse yourself even further. A way to tie everything together – the fashion, Acky’s manga background, the aesthetic, and the characters we’ve created – we wanted to expand the Vivid universe by telling a narrative story in a narrative format.

So we’re writing a manga.

Without giving too much away yet, I am so excited about what we have planned for this sprawling far-future cyberpunk story – we have dinosaur worshiping cultists, evil corporations creating mutated humans, ancient lost technologies, nanobots giving superhuman powers, a cybernetic lizard sidekick, an underground mega-city with no gravity in the earth’s hollow core, and a young girl with gravity-defying boots at the center of it all, trying to save herself, and humanity, before it’s too late.

Acky is drawing it, and we’re collaborating on the story and writing. We’re in pre-production right now and have a ton in store for you.

We’re just at the beginning of this process, but I can’t wait to start showing you all some previews and announcing some of our release plans.

I like to throw around the phrase “Live Vivid”, because at the end of the day, that’s what this is about. Vivid IS the fashion. Vivid IS the art. And Vivid IS the stories. Vivid is about bringing you into our vision of a universe and a world and letting you see it, wear it, feel it, and experience it. And while Zap is creating fashion for you, creating a manga is my way of bringing you in, introducing you to the characters, and the setting, and showing you more of what’s happening in this Vivid universe we’re building.

– Nell

Chief Creative Officer